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Who will win San Jose exhibition???

  • Tommy Haas

    Votes: 10 31.3%
  • Pete Sampras

    Votes: 22 68.8%

San Jose Exhibition: Haas vs Sampras. Who will win???

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Who will win the exhibition in San Jose on Monday night?

Samprass leads Haas 5-3

Should be an exciting encounter!
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I predict that Haas will play Sampras and then withdraw from his first round match against Kendrick on Wednesday due to injury :smash:

Playing an exhitibition at the same time as playing a tournament :haha:
Where's the "Haas retires" poll option? :confused: :sad:
Will they play two real sets, possibly followed by a champions TB, or what's the plan?
Pete will rip Haas in a new one :cool:

btw, is Sampras, not Samprass :p :)
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How fast are the courts?

Probably Sampras.
Sampras, Haas is not fully back yet
Haas is shit.

Sampras is still the best American going round.
btw. anyone who subscribed to the live stream and who'll record it?
tennis will be the winner
Who will win a exho thread? Hahahahahaha.
Federer will appear out out nowhere and crush them both a la Thor.
The Battle of The Still-Recovering-from-Injury vs. The Retired. Very interesting, eh? :rolleyes: :zzz:
who cares? It's an exhibition so they'll make tons of money that's all.
Hopefully Sampras to further speculation that he will come out of retirement to play Wimbeldon one more time.
Sampras in straights. Then he will enter the main draw and wins the whole tournament :eek: :bolt: :tennis:
is there a stream or even scores somewhere?
I think Haas will take it. Unless the Russian mafia poisons his frappuccino again. That would suck for Haas.
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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