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I was up really early and checked the breakfast in hotel. Pretty good as there're scrambed egg, scone (biscuit), sausage patties, toast, bagel, muffin, fresh fruit, yogurt, juices, coffee, oatmeal, hot chocolate and cereal. I ate a little and returned to my room to get hubby and little Lee out of bed.

After breakfast, we drove to Target to buy hair conditioner :p and then to Seaworld. On our way, I remembered we didn't have sunscreen with us. It was left in hotel room but hubby didn't want to return (Seaworld is like 2 miles from our hotel :rolleyes: ) We are quite tanned so I didn't press. We took the behind-the-scene guided tour and it's not bad. The best part was we had preferred sitting for the Shamu (killer whales) show. The show is called 'Believe' and is quite new. It's a great show and we enjoyed it alot. The preferred seating is the 2nd best seat in the stadium which is the biggest in Seaworld. We focused on watching the shows today like the Dolphin Discovery, the Cirque de la Mar and Pet's Rule!. Little Lee also fed the dolphins, touched some sea stars and played in the kids playground. We also went to different exhibits in-between shows.

Remembered we didn't have sunscreen on? We were burnt when we watched the Dolphin Discovery and Cirque de la Mar. The last show was the worst because the showed was late in the afternoon at 4:30 and we arrived about 20 minutes early to get better seat. The stadium face the delta area, i.e. mostly west. I felt my skin was burning even before the showed started. As a result, hubby and I were like cooked lobster but little Lee was a bit better. His skin is very tanned as he had his natural tan being outside in school playground for 15-20 minutes 3 times every weekdays.

The only complained was the parking and food are expensive. I am used to free parking in most places in Phoenix so $10 a day is a bit too much for me. I expected the food is higher than outside but not that much :p
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