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We left Phoenix on Wednesday June 14, we didn't leave the house until 11am :eek: because I didn't finish packing the night before. So this and that and blah blah blah (like hubby checked his e-mail before he left).

We had to drop off Brutus in a pet resort run by his vet. I hope he will enjoy his stay :sobbing:

The drive was smooth as it's miday during midweek. We're on freeway most of the way, even within Phoenix and arrived San Diego at about 5pm. It's lucky we were on opposite direction on I-8 because all those commuters were making their way home on east bound I-8. We didn't go everywhere after we checked in our hotel except dinner in Olive Garden which is within walking distance from our hotel. We tried to get onto internet that night but without success. First, we thought there's problem with hubby's laptop setting and after an hour, hubby gave up.
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