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So, first, some news of my colleague :lol: He arrived safely in Rovaniemi :) He missed the football match, he's a great fan of Football, worse than me in tennis I think. He used to follow tennis but now, he's a bit lost. Sometimes, he bets on the net, and during the Queens, he bet against Gonzo (he was for Philippoussis), he asked me after beating "which player will you pick up" ? Without no hesitation, I said "Gonzalez, and I'm sure he'll win". Unfortunately for him he won, but as he doesn't follow tennis very closely anymore, he didn't know that Gonzo was a top player :lol:

Second, the sales started today in France, stores are crowed and I hate waiting to pay. During my lunch time, I went with a colleague to some stores but everything was still expensive. As on saturday, I go to Paris, I'll try to have a look, I have to buy some clothes for Estonia.

Two days remaining, I'm almost ok with my work at the agency. Everything should be ok before my departure.

Still don't know when I'll take my "summer holidays", wanted during the US OPEN, but I'm still not decided.

We'll see...
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