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safin's personal sits

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:confused: :confused: :confused:

i wonna know as i can't open those i have already
who can help me
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i can't open either...........HELP!!!!!!!>>>> I CAN"T LIVE W/O MY MARAT.
one of the best
here's one for spanish fans
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Sergei is having problems with his website it's just too popular! So he is looking for a new web host. Hope he can find one soon, because we all miss his site!!

Hi Ruth:)

I posted a link to your website. you didn't see? ;)
Does anyone know what happened to :confused:
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Sergei posted a message on

he said was shut down by hosting provider because of too heavy web traffic, and he's finding a new web hosting~~

hope Sergei would find it soon.....:rolleyes:
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