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So today it's my birthday.. i'm turning 26 :sad:

Moreover, I had a bad week-end, ending by a stupid fight so i didn't sleep well (but in fact, did i sleep at all?)
I just feel like, when i'm always introspecting myself, people never wonder about themself, it can't be their fault, always mine! maybe they used to know i'm a too gentle girl (idiot?) so they think i'm on their serve and i don't have a life, so no need to think about myself! :lol:

As usually, unexpected people wished me an happy birthday when my close friends forget about it! :lol: bit thank you to my amiga :hug:
What i wish for my b-day was Lleyton or Ruben won today, but no miracle occured :sadness: Moreover, i'm pretty sure Monfils will won, just because i hate him!
i'm angry against Lleyton even if i know it was just impossible to win against Nadal... it's becoming boring (sorry Melissa) I don't want a Federer/Nadal final once more, but now there is no players left i like.. (Mario yes, but he's against -Rodgeur- tomorrow so i can forget him!)
I'm always sad when it's like that, i have to cheer on players i don't really like because i don't want the players i [a]hate[/a] to win!
i still don't have finished to upload my pics, maybe i don't want to leave RG...

It must be common to have a look over your own shoulder when you turn 1 year older... i try to avoid doing that, but i can't deny my life is disappointing.. each year i hope this new year of my life will bring me something good, but it's always the same... so i will end up my work day, going to my grand parent's home and eating my cake... maybe i will drink too much forget life that is boring...

i don't want to think about good resolutions, think more about myself and make a distance between me and the rest of the world.. but i won't...
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