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Tennis and Unibet betting fans are right to be excited with the prospects of youngster Laura Robson’s future after the Brit overcame Kim Clijsters 7-6 7-6 in the second round of the US Open.

Robson’s victory was a breath of fresh air not only for British tennis but the woman’s game in general, which is renowned for its merciless nature to underperformers. Yet with her stunning victory comes an unfortunate casualty, and the game has lost a huge star in the retirement of Clijsters.

A second-round exit in the final Grand Slam of her career was certainly not on Clijsters’ wish list and considering the Belgian has been queen of Flushing Meadows three times before she will no doubt have been hoping for a finals day appearance to round off her time in tennis.

Robson’s shock performance on Arthur Ashe Stadium abruptly cuts short Clijsters’ farewell tour and despite the Brit’s magnificent performance fans will be disappointed not to see the Belgian legend in the second week of the tournament.

For Clijsters’ career has spanned a blossoming era of the women’s game, taking her first title in 2005 before retiring two years later. The former world number one then came back in 2009 to lift a couple more US Open titles before claiming Australian Open victory in 2011.

She did what few other players in the game have done: come back from a break even stronger. The 29-year-old has always balanced her tennis career with home life and it is commendable the legend won’t chase another Grand Slam just for the sake of it.

Despite her loss, Clijsters should be pleased with her last ever competitive performance. She came up against a flourishing Robson – who has hopes of Grand Slam titles herself one day – and lost out on two tie breaks.

As is the game of tennis, a sport that will sadly miss Clijsters’ grace on court.
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