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I just wrote something like a desperate mail to my friend Eric. My (ex?) male best friend... I miss him, people tells me i have to let time pass but so much wasted months had already passed and nothing better happened. I'm fed up with this stupid situation...
People annoys me a lot today. Another friend of mine (another male friend) misunderstood me and took in a bad way something i said and it pissed me off.. i didn't answer, sometimes i just have no energy for that.
Is it me or boys are stupid sometimes?
It doesn't encourage me to finally meet another boy :ignore:

I'm so tired :s another friend told me yesterday that since Gaston is depressed i will be too, hope he will recover soon!
To be serious, his state doesn't help me to feel better, he's like a rock i hang on when i'm sad and i feel empty now...
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