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In bad news, Safin lost. Badly. I didn't see the match, but I read that at the end he was fighting back tears. I read as well that he forgot he wasn't the higher-ranked and tried to enter the court first. Poor man; I hope he overcomes his obstacles before he decides it's not worth it. He's too good.

In good news, the fickle French crowd gave him a lot of support when he was about to get bagelled in the fourth and final set, and he managed to break back, but he couldn't hold and so got breadsticked (breadstuck, breadsticken). Is it just me or is he having more trouble holding than breaking lately?

Haas had a nice straightforward victory and is expected to have another one in the second round.

Rafa is still cute. 'I'm a good boy, no gossiping from me.' :angel: We're still waiting on the Fidgiano story, Rafa, gossip or no!
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