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Allez, Fabrice! Broke Acasuso serving for the set, but you still have to hold and break again to draw even...

Aww, broken at 30 for 6-3*. Next set, next set.

Fabrice, please take this set. 3-6 1-6 3-1*. Don't let him break back. Heck of a draw.

Serve it out, now!

Yays! 3-6 1-6 6-3*.

I can clearly see that livescores are just as distracting as actually watching the action. I just hope the 'blogging helps win tournaments, therefore blogging helps pass exams' theory works.

Woot! That is my Santoro! 3-6 1-6 6-3 6-1* and Santoro serves to open the fifth set. Note as well that Acasuso's 6-1 involved only 2 breaks and Santoro's 3.

Down a break and about to be down a double break. Saved. Just the one break to recover from. Allez!
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