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Or, you know, Roger could lose to Diego Hartfield in round 1, and not ever have to worry about Nadal. Down 0-3* in the first set. Thank god for the IW final and best of five formats.

Okay, I'm not worried. I just didn't expect to wake up to this (and it's 4 am so I'm going back to sleep soon.)

Roger, why can't you be more like Tim Henman? He's up 3-0 now.

Okay, 5 all. I've been reading MTF and people actually thought there was going to be an upset. People always think there's going to be an upset because it takes Federer a few rounds to wake up. It's better than peaking in round 3 like at AO. I may eat my words yet, but I've never yet this year been worried about an early round upset of Federer, and I've never been wrong.

Federer in his press conference:
Fed: Well, as you all know, I try to use my early rounds for practice matches. And I wasn't getting enough lefty topspin from this, uh, what's-his-name, so I thought I'd practice coming back from a double break down, just in case.
Q: We notice it took oh-so-slightly longer than coming back against Blake?
Fed: Yes, you see, my forehand broke down on match points in Roma, so I also thought it would be nice to practice coming back from a double break down without said forehand.
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