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Better late than never:

Now for the third time @citizen_insane won an MTF TE tournament at his 4th try, that's tied with another record broken which was unimaginable to achieve by the Chopin of TE! Only BroTree could win three out of four tournaments he committed, closely followed by edKarry with 2 out of his first four tournaments.

Just incredible numbers :worship:

Defeated the Rotterdam champion of 2017 in convincing style in the SFs. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up for our new Rotterdam champion and his country's national anthem:

And here the full draw:


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Re: Rotterdam MTF Tennis Elbow tournament - Draw's out, First/Second Round

hey mates , I am interviewing @lazar. on lazyGOAT tv , I will make a video of the answers I will use some material from the game in the interview as well I hope it will be entertaining and special

so I thought I would do with some questions from his colleagues as well ? , please send me a dm or in the discord's inbox if you have any special questions for lazar's intervew , or if you are too lazy ( and I don't like that option) just post the questions here .. and I don't like it because of SURPRISE REASONS , SUSPENSE REASONS ... etc etc .

however send me your questions mates :




@Joe Speedboot

@Tennis Pacifist
@Stan del Potro

@Darth Revan


@Chase Visa
@Mark Lenders

Sure bro, gimme questions and date and I'm gonna talk a bit. Do I get paid for this?
141 - 145 of 145 Posts