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So on Monday and Tuesday I went to Rotterdam with some of the Nando Chicas. I went especially because my top 2 is playing there (Verdasco & Tipsarevic) and also because it had been a while since I had seen the other girls. My mission: 1. get a pic with Fernando and Janko, 2. get autographs, 3. get Ferrero to sign my flag, 4. cheer my faves to victory.

Both days were ladies day. And well, it sucks. There is so much noise, people are talking while the players are playing (and not even about tennis but about their clothes, their grandchildren, and what else :rolleyes: ), they HAVE to get their seats, even if the whole row is free to sit, and they take their seats in between points. On the positive side, they are gone for a while during the fashion show, but no interesting players (for me anyway) were doing that. Well maybe except Erlich and Ram but I had more important things to do! :D

We arrived pretty early, the first match of the day was Ferrero - Gabashvili and we so caught Ferrero practising on court 1. Ferrero signs my Spanish flag, Mission 3 complete.
Then Ferrer came to practise on the other court (with Berdych I think) so we watched that for a bit and I waited for a loooooong time to get his autograph. He was just sitting there for what seemed to be half an hour, while Verdasco was training on the other court! But finally I got it, so Mission 2 partly complete. Then I got the pic with Fernando. In the meantime Ferrero was playing on Centre, but I couldn't leave because while Nadal and Robredo were practising, Tipsarevic suddenly showed up. :lol: Fortunately everyone paid attention to Rafa, so I had Janko almost all to myself :angel: Mission 1 and 2 complete.

After that we went to watch the doubles Nadal/Robredo - Lopez/Verdasco on Centre, it was a pretty good match but my fave team was unable to win. 6-7 5-7. Fer's serve messed up in the tb, Feli's serve messed up at *5-6.

The evening session had Tipsarevic - Youzhny and Zverev - Kohlschreiber but unfortunately we didn't stay to watch the last one. Janko's match was great, very exciting, very nice points. He started out badly and went a break down quickly, but he was able to break back and win the TB. Gaby was very surprised when I started screaming "AJDE!!!" :rolls: In the second set Youzhny got broken in the beginning and Janko never gave the break back. Mission 4 half complete (Fer & Feli had messed up the perfect day lol).

On Tuesday we went to see Robredo - Mahut on Centre court and unfortunately for the Tommy fans Gaby and Birte, he lost. He never had an actual chance. I think none of us actually like Mahut.. Martijn frequently mentioned that he hates him :p
Then we hurried back to court 1 where Lopez was playing Simon. Feli played like crap and kept bitching about everything and everyone. At one point in the 2nd set, it was deuce and Simon had won the last point, he went to sit down, thinking he had the break. So the umpire was like, the game isn't over yet. But the score was wrong, Simon tried to make him see by explaining every shot he had made in the first point of the game, which he had won, but the umpire hadn't registered. Also Feli was confused, so they kept discussing for like 10 minutes. The crowd was becoming a bit annoyed and then they finally got a tournament official to the court. They decided to give the break to Simon and that was that. Another Spaniard out. :(

My luck had changed since Janko had the bright idea of training with Rafa :mad: So there went my chance to take pictures! The stands were too crowded and there was no room there. Verdasco & Huta Galung & Zverev & Middelkoop were all practising on the other court. So we were all taking pics and then my embarrassing moment happened :eek: The net in front of the court wasn't very high so there were a lot of balls flying out. One of them came in my direction, but I hadn't seen that Middelkoop wanted his ball back. I got the bright idea to throw the ball in the other direction, where nobody was (so nobody could fall over it). So he was like, hey I asked you to give me my ball! :lol: So I was like, oops :eek: Martijn and Sjoukje thought it was very funny and all :ras: Then I got a pic with Zverev too :hearts: :p

The rest of the time the practising was not very interesting, except when Rafa came and after his practice went to give an autograph session :tape: It was so crowded, poor Rafa :lol:

The final match I saw was Sluiter - Llodra. It was Sluiter's final match so that was pretty special. And of course this is the only time when the crowd was actually excited *shock* First set was over quickly, but the second one was better. Sluiter had a couple of set points in the tb, but Llodra never gave up and won. The standing ovation and tribute to Sluiter was pretty impressive.

I had a good time and even though the OOP sucked (Verdasco played his singles match on Wednesday, so I missed it) I'm very glad I went.
Now counting down to Rosmalen!
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