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Which seeded player is at higher risk to lose the first round ? (max 3 choices)

  • Shapolavov

    Votes: 14 66.7%
  • Musetti

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Auger-aliassime

    Votes: 8 38.1%
  • Korda

    Votes: 6 28.6%
  • Zapata

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Davidovic Fokhina

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • Hurkacz

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • Evans

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • Shelton

    Votes: 10 47.6%
  • Rublev

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • Cerundolo

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • Nishioka

    Votes: 5 23.8%
  • Any of remaining top 8 seeded

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Any of the rest player not mentioned

    Votes: 2 9.5%

Roland Garros - Seeded at Risks More Interesting Matches

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Nakashima - Shapolavov = Except for the final tie-break with Zhang (where he won just one point), I have not been able to watch a lot Denis playing on clay court during 2023, and this is confirmed by his very tiny 1/2 record on this surface. Brandon did not play much more either but at least he arrived in semifinals in Lyon. If this match is going to happen (I still feel that Denis can withdraw) - I do not feel that you can compete in a grand slam with uncertain physical conditions and lack of matches. Nakashima to win, most probably in straights

Musetti - Ymer = Lorenzo did not play a great season until in April, when he upset finally an out of form Djokovic for his biggest win of his career and he kept winning some decent matches afterwards. I am bit surprised to see Ymer playing in RG, as I feel what he has done in previous match was very serious and even if I 100% ackonwledged that he was provoked by bad umpiring - this kind of behaviour should deserve a tougher ATP reaction vs a simple disqualification in a tournament. I love fighting spirit of Micheal, I feel that it has a good talent but I am curios to see the effect of the last match has on him and this is the only reason why I consider this match "interesting". Without Ymer's previous incident I feel that match could have been much more closer than what the reality will be. Lorenzo in 3 easy sets

Auger-Aliassime - Fognini. The match would have been very interesting if both of the players were at the peak of their forms. The reality is that they look both out of form, Auger-aliassime looked injuried both in Rome / Madrid, and his only 2023 win on clay is against 240 om the world. Fognini is at the end of his career, but his pedigree on clay should not be understimated. I still feel that Auger-aliassime will have the edge. in 5 messy sets - but everything can happen

Mc Donalds- Korda. Sebastian is another player who was stopped by injury this year, after being very promising in Australia. He is back but only in court, as he does not look "back to original form" by any means. Mc Donalds has not won yet a single match (0/5) on 2023 clay - and I hope for him that he will stop his negative trend of consecutive losses. I would not say that this match will be the best 1round to watch, but I feel that there is still a probability that Sebastian wil get out due to his form / fitness / confidence. Mckenzie in 5

Zapata - Schwartzman = Zapata had a great clay court season, but he is not known for his good fitness and he confirmed it all by retiring trailing 06 03 during this week. Schwartzman may experience one of the worst season of his career, after losing easy matches (even on clay) and being also harassed on media, but he is certainly a clay court specialist, has experience and he can prevail if match goes to distance. Zapata in 3 or Schartzmann in 5

FIls - Davidovich Fokhina = I feel that Alejandro is one of the most crazy player in the tour (maybe only Bublik is superior in his aspect), he has a great talent, capable of great victories and very bad losses. He will be facing one of the most rising stars that I have discovered during 2023 on a match which most probably will happen on a big stage where he will have also all the french (rude) crowd against. There are all the elements of an upset which I feel will happen in 4 entairtaing sets

Goffin - Hurkacz = On a fast surface the 2023 Goffin will not have a chance against Hubert. But we have slow courts, where the service of the polish cannot be so dangerous and Goffin is talented and he has experience. On a good day, I feel that we can have the upset and I have those vibes. Goffin in 4

Kokkinakis - Evans = I like Kokkinakis's game, I find it entartaining, risky and I love his fighting spirit on court. He had a relatively fair season on clay and he is facing an opponent on his least preferred surface on an year where he did not shine either. H2H is also 1 to 1. I would bet for an upset if there is a good quote from bookmakers. Kokkinakis in 4

Sonego - Shelton. This looks quite a big upset alert. I love Shelton's game but on quick surfaces, this is the first year that he will play the European clay and he is facing an opponent who has too much experience, court coverage and hunger for victory . Maybe Shelton can keep it competitive for one set, but I feel he will be dominated by distance

Djere - Rublev. Andrzej had a great clay season, much better than I was expecting. But his first round opponent looks terrible (for him), a clay specialist and a dark horse everybody wanted to avoid, especially on 1st rounds in slams where also nerves can play a role and you have to settle. Despite his positive 4-1 H2H I feel that this match is very much on equal terms, and yes, Laslo will pull an upset here in 5 tough sets

Munar - Cerundolo. I want to put this match here, against all the odds, even if Francisco has never lost against Jaime, he has dominated him when they met on LATAM clay swing (62 61) and he is in final now in Lyon with good probability to win tomorrow. This is Munar's best surface, Cerundolo does not look the player with the strongest mental game and I feel that pressure + fatigue may play a role if match will go to distance. Munar will go with a very surprising win in 5

Wolf - Nishioka. On hard surface this match would be much more entairtaining. Wolf is to me a rising star and Nishioka is not playing convincingly on clay. I would consider that there will battle and I that the fitness of JJ will help him more towards the experienced Nishioka. Wolf in 4

I do not feel that other match with seeded will be interesting enough to be mentioned, andall other seeded players should go through more or less comfortably, but let's discuss
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Paire over Norrie should have been included, certainly over Munar v Cerundolo.

And Wu v Bautista Agut, Paul v Stricker, Van de Zandschulp v Tirante.
Paire will beat Norrie.
the ones that come injured to this tournament, like shapovalov, rba, FAA are the most obvious ones
Ben Shelton, Shapo and ADF are most vulnerable I feel. Wouldn’t be surprised if all 3 lose first round.
Paire over Norrie should have been included, certainly over Munar v Cerundolo.

And Wu v Bautista Agut, Paul v Stricker, Van de Zandschulp v Tirante.
Paire in good day can trouble any top 10. But this guy has some mental issues I do not like at all his attitude on court and even if I am not a fan of the game style of Norrie I hope he will give Benoit a good defeat. I am very surprised that Paire was even awarded a wildcard which I would have given to Pouille (by the way Amelie was not her coach before ??)

Wu against Bautista on clay ??? With all sympathy I have with Yibing, this is a nightmare match for him. Bautista will retrieve the ball and move him around the court to death. His poor fitness will do the rest. Wu may have a chance against Bautista on hard courts

Stricker - I LOVE Stricker's game and I have been bitterly disappointed that his talent is not leaving the mark at ATP tour level. I still have the hope, but I will find very odd that he will win on a grand slam against a top 20 player in 5 set match which I believe he never played before

Tirante - It can be a good bet, Van De Zandschulp is not in great form and Tirante had gone through the hell of the qualifications. I still feel that he may lack the experience in grandslam event and it can be overwhelmed
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You don't even know who Kovacevic is.
Another peak troll post of the week
You don't even know who Kovacevic is.
Another peak troll post of the week
That’s not a real player. Nice try.
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That’s not a real player. Nice try.
Thread question was: Which seeded player is at higher risk to lose the first round ?

I just hoped you could at least detect or understand that.
As Kovacevic will be his R1 opponent, there is no other interpretation.
Anyway, I will just stop caring about your posts. This posting "just from my guts, but always clueless" style doesn't make sense, either way
So far, Evans and Shelton got taken out, both in the OP.
It's not Nishikori, it's Nishioka!
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