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The French Open is able to boast a loyal and traditional following and always represents a massive draw for tennis players across the globe, but it is increasingly coming under threat from the Asian market, as well as the emergence of a love of tennis over in South America. For this reason, the French Tennis Association has already made several bold moves in order to ensure that the French Open continues to be seen as a respectable and vital addition to the Grand Slam circuit, with officials now thinking about copying the success of Wimbledon by opening up the possibility of night matches. Those who follow the French Open betting tips are certainly getting excited by that prospect.

With the Wimbledon roof so successful that some fans are even calling for there to be high-profile matches played always at night, at least on Centre Court, the French Open could well go one step further by turning this hope into reality when the Roland Garros Centre Court finally copies Wimbledon and constructs a roof. If they take this step and the French Open continues to come under criticism, then there is little doubt that the organisers of the famous event will be desperate to do anything they can to ensure the French capital continues to play host to a Grand Slam.

If the French Open does turn into a night event then maybe we will start to see yet another variable enter the unpredictable tennis world, with the apple cart of continuous glory by the current top group of players likely to be subsequently knocked off balance. As it stands, the French Open men's betting suggests there's only one player who has a real chance of winning and that has made things a little stale.

Perhaps if this does happen, then Roland Garros will once again have led the way in keeping tennis exciting and appealing to a new set of loyal fans.
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