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I don't think so, but maybe it might become so.. Who knows.. But, today I read the following article excerpt.

Olympia 2012 als Abschluss

Die Schweizer können im Übrigen ruhig schlafen. Das Ausnahmetalent Federer wird ihnen noch eine Weile erhalten bleiben. Auf die entsprechende Frage eines Journalisten antwortet er: *Die Olympischen Spiele 2012 finden in London, das Tennis in Wimbledon, statt. Da möchte ich noch dabei sein.* Darüber werden sich die Fans freuen, denen er am Montag im Palexpo geduldig Autogramme schreibt.
In English the bolded title can be translated as Olympics 2012 as Conclusion. However he just says in the article, *The Olympic games 2012 take place in London, tennis in Wimbledon. I still would like to participate in there.* In the German sentence, it means more like, *I want to play at least till Olympics 2012.* So, he doesn't really say that that will be his last as a pro. But, the bolded title doesn't even have a question mark at the end... So, I was a little surprised, looking at the title and considering that he might have declared his retiring time...

Now a completely different thing.

When I saw the picture below, the first thing which came to my mind was a conversation between the two.

Chiudi: *sniff sniff..* ...... Roger, you stink a little...
Roger: Oh, do I.....?

this is a good picture of Roger and Chiudi, too.. What is Chiudi pointing at and Roger laughing at? Did Stan make a funny face to make them laugh?

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