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The 32-year-old seems relaxed on court, and any concerns about recent the birth of his twin sons causing a distraction seem to be misplaced. Federer was asked about the recent additions to his family in the press conference after the match, and revealed that he's delighted with his family situation and isn't struggling to focus on his tennis.

“It gives me some inspiration,” Federer said of seeing his girls in the stands. “I feel happy as a person, and if they watch 10 minutes or five sets, it doesn't change anything. It's nice to be all together with the whole family. That's what matters. But now they are calmer, they can remain in the stands, and that's great. If they love tennis, so much the better.”

As expected, newborn twin sons Leo and Lenny were not courtside for the match. Federer said that his expanded family had not impacted his career and that he was comfortably and happily adjusting to a different dynamic as a father of four.

“It's just a different pace day to day, spending time not only with my daughters but now also my sons," Federer said. "So there is a bit of a different dynamic. But overall, [we’re] clearly enjoying ourselves, like never before. So I'm very happy in my personal life, and that is very positive for my on-court performance, as well, I believe.”

"How I sleep hasn't been interrupted. I'm a true professional when it comes to those kind of things. But clearly anything away from centre court here and the grounds I have a very nice time with my family every minute."

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