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So... there's a coupe of reasons of why i'm making this thread.

The first one is I actually see there are no fanart threads here, and it surprised me a little, because there are really talented video editors in this forum, also I remember Suktuen's drawings/comics and they were really cute. I'm sure there are a lot of more talented users we don't know about and I'd want to encourage them.

The second one is; to share artists that love the same passion as we do and want to share their work; I certainly find a lot of beautiful fanart of Federer on twitter and instagram.

But my personal reason to making this thread is...
Well, my girlfriend saw I was really happy yesterday with the Dubai title and gifted me a beautiful drawing of Roger. I cherised it a lot, and made me think a lot about Federer Fanart.
(and yeah; I remembered Suktuen's comics, please do those again!!!).

Well, here it is:
If you wanna follow her:

Share your work! Share your friends' or favorite artists' work! Bring some magic to this thread.

...and, hey!
I miss you all, ok? Even if i'm not posting here with the same rate as before (and finishing university this year, and with a lot of work); I won't forget at all about my mtfriends.
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