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Roger Federer Animations and more for Tennis Elbow 2013

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Hi tennis guys.
I want to show you my work as an animator for Tennis Elbow 2013 videogame.
I just revised the full pack animations of Roger Federer and currently I'm working on Stan Wawrinka. Soon other players will be done (revised) step by step.


Roger Federer:
Stan Wawrinka (in progress):
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Gameplay Wimbledon 2014: Roger Federer vs Stan Wawrinka
very well made, great skills, keep it up.
Thank you.

Nadal's forehand.

Download Link soon
Rafa Nadal Animations released on my blog:
Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic, Roland Garros 2014 Final Simulation
Andy Murray Animations
Video and link on my blog:
Great work. Animating tennis strokes must be hard.
Difficult to make a good one

Monfils Serve and Forehand Animations
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