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Rocky's Cheerleaders in here!!

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See that all got your attention!! :p

I thought I'd be cool to write down funny stuff all positive about the regulars in the LLLounge e.g Like Scott, Marly, Angele, Marie, Ingrid, Keta, Hannah, Ana, Elke (I can't use ectc anymore otherwise I'll be lynched :eek:) and what we think about each other. Positive stuff only! :D :angel: Or maybe I started this thread coz I'm really bored :eek: Whatever (lol! :p), so what y'all think? :bounce:
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Lleyton's_Chick said:
See that all got your attention!! :p

Ie.g Like Scott, Marly, Angele, Marie, Ingrid, Keta, Hannah etc etc :bounce:
O so I'm an etc. Gee thnx :eek: :fiery: Interesting idea but since I am an etc my opinion doesn't count :eek:

(yes I'm very sore about this but I make you suffer for forgetting me just because i've been gone for one day) :fiery: Muahahahahaha! :p
Don't be like that Flamey, I dont see you as an etc.....just a flamey! :p
HAHAHAHA @ Ana I'm not an etc oj!
*Hannah starts to shout a ditzy american style cheer*
Cilla=Crazy, Sexy, Cool ;) Not to bang on my own drum or anything!

I'm an etc :sad:
Lleyki said:
I'm an etc :sad:
Oh God, Im PE No.1 now :eek:
What is PE :confused:
Lleyki said:
What is PE :confused:
Public Enemy :eek: I have edited my 1st post :)
Oh I see

It's OK, I forgive you ;)
So.......who wants to start?
Marie=Toilet Cleaner loving :eek: Boozing Bird, One of the Slut Brigade-lol!!

Angele=Queen Goober eccentric, all round romantic at heart, workaholic(Not of her own accord) Chick

Ok who wants to do the next 2 people? :p
I decided to bring this back :)

Cilla = Has a confusing signature so I keep confusing her with other people :eek:

Marly = Dares to post mean stuff about ma fille, even though she knows I love Juju very much :eek:
Ana - sweet looking girl with a mean streak the size of Roddick's minging head :eek: (yet a total sweetheart) ;)

Hannah - another nice girl, but you can never be quite sure what's going on in her head :p
Scotty- Sexy babe ;) Fellow evil person who wants to take milk/chocolate showers with the ATP :eek:

Funny whenever I say that I keep picturing Gambill and Andy together! Aaa! Cilla it's your corrupted my fantasy :eek:
Cilla corrupts everything :p

Cilla - Corrupter! :eek:
Marie: A slut and proud of it with me !!
Ingrid: Verry nice person who is always getting lleyki Info for us!!
:eek: Me a Corrupter!!! :eek: NEVER! ;)

Angie-Smut Queen of the thread despite her tender age :eek: :p
Ana-Very confused Flamey who supports the weirdest peopole in her sig :eek: :p
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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