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He did it!

He won 3 tournaments in a row, 3 tournaments being all the Australian majors. First person in history to ever do this. He's in awesome form. His Eagle on the 14th was something special and something to remember for a very long time. That set up the play off and from there he won.

What a fantastic win. I feel sorry for O'Hern for dropping the lead that he had, but Allenby played brilliantly, particularly over the last few weeks.

He now has automatic entry into:

Brittish Open
US Open
US Masters
All 4 majors next year he now has automatic entry in and I do believe, based on what he's done in the states this year, that he will win one of those US majors.

Fantastic win by Allenby. Fantastic 3 weeks of golf.

Well done Robert Allenby.
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