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The 2nd week is beginning, and suddenly things get a little disapointing. From all the players I was supporting, only La Monf is still in the draw, playing vs Djokovic. An old friend of his....:devil: He's got a revenge to take and this time, in front of his public. Let's see how it goes.

As some of you know, I was in RG on Friday. I saw Gaudio vs Ferrero. Epic match and great to see Gaston fight the way he did. Coming back from a double break in the 2nd set, winning the set and later the match, without swearing or smashing a racket. Yes, that was unreal!! :D And I was there to witness this. No need to say I felt priviledged when I heard that very few could see that match on tv, as obviously, Hingis and Clijsters were more interesting for tv chanels. Jerks!! Those 2 women had finished their respective matches that both Gaston and JC were still playing. More than 4 hours.

I then saw Vassallo Arguello, the one who had kicked Grosjean out. Great match too. Long, intense and painful for the ass!! I was seated on the steps for teh whole match....almost 4 hours. But I've been rewarded as it seems I have been spot in the crowd, when Martin has been interviewed, after he won the match. I suppose that waving the biggest Argentine flag in the whole crowd just helped a bit!! ;)

Gaston lost to PMK. Haven't seen the match. I hope he has some well deserved rest now.

I wanna make a special note on Paulo vs Nadal. That match is, by far, the best I have seen of all the matches I could see for this RG edition. And seeing Paulo leave the court, with tears in his eyes was just very emotional. He came close, very very very close. There are losses that sound more like exploits...he shouldn't forget about that. :)
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