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2 days now that the event is on and as expected, I haven't missed anything of all I could see, when I wasn't at work.

The rant is that I think that all the chanels I get that show the event show far too much WTA matches. But it's not new. Well, when there isn't a match I particularly want to see, it's ok for me. As I think that WTA fans deserve to see what they like too. But, when they show that big blond asparagus of Sharapova, battling like a brainless player, convinced that the louder she screams, the better her points will be and the harmfull her balls will get, I can only shake my head. Of course, when they show this while Magic Fab is playing an incredible match on the chatrier, against Chucho, I can't but boil inside!! The only harm that b***h can do is hurting my eyes and ears!!!! :banghead:

So far, things have been ok for the players I support. Of course, 2 of them playing each other, there's already one out, but he's still in for the doubles. Yes, Santoro lost but with all the honours. Chucho took that match, after a great fight from both, that lasted over 2 days (almost 4h). 11/9 in the 5th set. No more to comment about. That says it all.

Gaston, totally doubtfull, still searching for his game, won his 1st match. Haven't seen it but been told he had played ok. Good sign? I'd rather wait before drawing conclusions. Next opponent isn't as easy. Playing just ok won't be enough. So let's wait.

Today, 2 other players of my faves will play. Monfils-La Monf vs Murray. Time for a revenge!! :devil: And Baghdatis vs Portas. Not an easy match for Marcos, who is still struggling a bit against a virus that had him down since Rome. Hope the crowd, who will more than likely be behind him, will cheer him up and electrify him. :)

4 days now before the D-Day!!
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