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So this is my review ...

We arrived in Paris by train at 9PM then we took the tube to join our friends at the hotel, we were 5 in one room, and 2 in another room (but it was a girl and her mother so it's normal lol )
This is our room and us with our names: (1 of us is missing for taking the pic of course :lol: )

We went in a pub and drink an "aquarium" a huge glass with 6 straws, i don't know truly what was inside, Vodka for sure, fruits juices but mixed with what???
This is our surrendings, where the venue and our hotel were, lovely isn't it? :lol:

So back to the gig, we went to the venue at 10AM and started to queue... Helene and me went to a backery to buy breakfast for everybody, and obviously the band decided to entered the venue when we were away :lol: it doesn't matter, i've already taught with them and made pics with them so i don't care...
This is us during the queue at 11-12AM:

We had bought in 1 of the surrounding sex shops some presents for each members of the band.. This is the present:

It's a sock, but not for feet :lol: we filled them with sweets to make it easier to throw them on stage...

We wait from 10AM to 6.30PM in the queue.. Until 5.30 we were sitting so it was ok but the last hour was horrible, stood up and crushed, the nose sticked on the doors :s
I entered the fourth in the venue, then i take the place next to my dear Helene, 20 cm on the left of the microphone, the place i love the best ;)
I was not extactly under Lauri, so it was easier to see him (and not only his nose's holes :lol: ) just face to face with my lovely Aki (drummer), not so far from Pauli (guitarist) who came often until us.. but far from Eero (bassist) who used to stay on the right.. But every real TR fan knows that the middle-left side is the one where everything happens!
Let me introduce my boys:
This is the baby-bird singer Lauri:

The best drummer in the world: crazy Aki (with 1 of the "sock" ) :

and god-Pauli, and this accoutic guitar this time:

i didn't have any picture of Eero at the moment because i'm at work but he will come soon ;)

So during the accoustic part of the show, as we had decided, we threw away the "socks" to each members of the band, of course they were :haha: especially Aki who decorated his drums with 2 of the socks:

They played 19 songs, mostly of the new album but it's so good to hear new songs live! we made some videos of some songs, 4 if i remind well... these are some pics of the gig to let you imagine how it was ;)
accoustic Lauri on "Sail away":

Lauri again, trying to tease a girl in the crowd :lol: :

Another one from lintu Lauri, in action:

More to come.. with the setlist ;)
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