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The official tennisseason for Roger is over. What a great year it has been for Roger and us fans again :) We already talked about his best and worst matches of the year, his unforgettable moments on the court and the few ones where we had to accept that his opponent was the better player.

I think it would be nice to have a review of the past months in pictures and therefore I would like to ask you to share your favourite Roger pictures with us :)

Here are my choices:

(from the match against Andy in Kooyong )
Caption this: “I’ve got a headache already thinking about the comments from Jimmy coming up now.”

(What a fitting notice on the ground)

(Happy smile AO)

(No tears this time in Australia ;) )

(Not that great picture, but it was so lovely when Roger came over to Fena after the match, to chat with him)

(from an autograph session at the AO: Roger and kids – just adorable)

(with the AO trophy)

(from Dubai, great outfit)

(from Indian Wells, one of the best outfits of the year)

(from Indian Wells and the match against Canas)

(from Indian Wells)

(Roger and Reto practicing in Miami)

(Roger in a great red outfit in Miami)

(Roger and Stan during their Rome doubles match)

(Rome, training with a little boy)

Can't be bothered anymore
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(Roger and Walter Knapper, the tournament director of Hamburg)

(kissing Mirka after Hamburg)

(Roger with the Hamburg trophy)

(FO final, hug with Guga :) )

(Roger lost in thoughts after the FO final :sad: How slim he is.)

(Roger and Rafa at Wimbledon after an unforgettable match. We can just respect Rafas achievements :) )

(Wimbledon tears)

(Wimbledon black and white)

(Stylish Roger and his mishap with the trousers :lol: )

(Roger and Björn Borg in Wimbledon after Roger had equaled the five consecutive titles record of the Svede)

(from Montreal)

(Roger’s birthday in Montreal)

(Cincinatti, Roger kissing his racket)

(having won his 50th title on the tour in Cincinatti)

Can't be bothered anymore
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(Training US Open, thanks to Krist from

(US Open, from the match against Andy)

(US Open, man in black)

(Roger with the US Open trophy)

(Roger & Mirka Madrid)

(Roger with the Basel trophy)

(Roger and the ballkids after defending the title in Basel)

(Roger and Mirka hand in hand in Shanghai. Caption this: She’s the boss, he says...)

(Roger and a kid in Shanghai)

(Roger and kids in Shanghai)

(from TMC match against Andy, thanks to Mark from )

(Roger and David Ferrer with their trophies)

(Roger and Pete at the press conference for their first exhibition match)

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