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As you (perhaps) know I had a week ticket for the tourney in Basel – I went with my colleagues form the forum – Eve, Jenny, Doris, Tschaeggy and I were a whole week in Basel everyday at the tournament from the beginning of the first till the end of the last match :p
Eve and Tschaeggy were working there as controller and Doris, Jenny and I were just a part of the crowd… the following report should show you a bit what we’ve done and how it was…it’s difficult to write something like this of a whole week but I tried to do my best…
Enjoy it!!!


At 5 pm I could leave at work after a stressful day where I had to finish all the stuff so that I could go in my holidays… - my tennis holidays – I’ve never done that before.. going to a tourney for the whole time it lasts – but I knew that we would be a great group of 5 people (Doris, Tschaeggy, Eve, Jenny and me) and as we always have much fun together it will be for sure a wonderful week 
So after 5 pm I left my office and went home by bike as fast as I could to pack my last things and then my mum drove me to the railwaystation to take the train to Basel where I would meet Jenny and Eve to go further to Jenny’s uncle where we could stay the whole time – so we didn’t need a hotel – means it was a cheap stay 
As it was already after 9 pm when we got to his flat we just organized us a bit in our room – it was quite a small room for us 3 girls with huge suitcases :p but finally we got it 
Then Doris (she was still at home) wrote us who will play the qualifications as it wasn’t out when we left at home – the first matches would be at 9 am but as no Swissie will play we decided to go a bit later so that we could see the next match where a Swissie will play… In total 10 Swiss players will play the qualies and we really hoped that we can see some of them in the maindraw later or at least winning some rounds of the qualies!
After talking a bit we finally went sleeping so that we would be ready for the 9 days which were coming  and which we’re looking forward to them for so many months… Okay the real reason why we loved to come wasn’t playing because of his injury…but still we finally got our good mood back after some sad days of realising that Roger definitely won’t play…
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