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(Short version cuz i posted a never-ending version on my LJ already :p)

So yesterday i finally get my results, and it was a crazy day. First the secretary said only 36 people passed. We were 134 at the beginning. That makes only 25% of us passed, usually it turns around 45-50%.
That was the first shock.

Then i checked the list on the board, and saw the first grade: 6,50/20. As someone has said it was the average grade, i thought i had failed. And i actually felt relieved not having to take oral exams!! :p

10 minutes later, a girl said that in fact the first grade was just the grade of the first exam. The average grade was the last one, with the mention, passed or failed, after it. So it meant i made a mistake! I wasn't the only one :lol:

So i checked again.... and i passed!
6,50/20 in the documents summary :sad: :eek:
5,50/10 in Civil Law and 7/10 in Civil Procedure, making it a 12,50/20
11/20 in Criminal Law

Average note:10/20, mention: passed


So i was wrong! i passed! but i have 10 only which means it is likely that i had less than 10 and that they gave me some points after they checked my university file and my previous results at exams in my whole uni-program over the last 5 years. :awww:

Strangely, i started to feel very bad and very stressed. Because of the oral exams that i'll now have to take. :scared: People who failed were sad, those who passed were relieved. For me it was the contrary: when i thought i had failed i was relieved, when i found out i had passed i felt sad. :eek:
And i felt very guilty too. Among all my friends, only one passed. :sad: And one of those who failed was with us, and she was disappointed and sad. I was ashamed because i had passed the exams and i wasn't even sure anymore that it was what i wanted, while succeeding was what she expected and she didn't. :awww: :eek:

The program now is more and more studying in order not to look dumb and ridiculous on November 3, the day i'll take my big oral exam.
After that, small oral exams will start on November 10, thus i'll get more time to study for them, and also i can take the weekend of November 5 and 6 off to watch Bercy on tv :D ;)

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
Dale Carnegie

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