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Wow, I haven't updated this boring blog in ages!

So here's my complaint of the day:

Europeans and other non-Americans who use the word "redneck" to describe anybody who hails from the south without actually understanding what the word really means.

Even some dumbass Americans don't really know what the word "redneck" means.
It just sounds like a really great insult to use against those fat-assed Red State retards who actually voted for Bush (twice!). In some ways, I can't blame them for using the word. In other ways, I scoff at them for using the insult incorrectly. Calling your average Texan a "redneck" is like calling Richard Simmons "butch."

Let this be a lesson: know your stereotypes and use only the correct insults!

The word "redneck" is often used to describe the dysfunctional, stereotypical, shoot-em-up-cowboy-and-grab-them-by-the-bullhorns attitude of one uneducated George W. Texas "Bomb 'em all to hell!!!!" Redneck Bush. They would not be wrong, even though the Bushies are bluebloods from New England. LOL.

So thanks again to our ^%$# pResident, for not only dumbing down Americans but the rest of the world as well. Rednecks will never be the same again.
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