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From the top of my head I've compiled the records of Roger Federer that Novak Djokovic has snatched from him just in 2021 alone.

1.Most weeks at Number 1
2.Most matches won at all 4 slams- Djokovic 79
3.Number of occasions to win at least 20 slam matches in a year- Djokovic 9
4.Most victories over Top 10 players- Djokovic 225
5.Most finals appearances at each grand slam- Djokovic 6 (Federer co-held record with Nadal previously with 5)
6.Most semi final appearances at all 4 slams- Djokovic 9

He has also equaled a few of Federer's records this year as well:

1.Most slam finals reached- 31
2.Quarter Finals reached at all 4 slams- 12
3.Number of times reaching semi-finals at all 4 slams in a year- 5
4.Most singles matches won at the Olympics- 13
5.Most slams won (Co-held with Nadal)

Feel free to add any that may have been missed.
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