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First of all, I had to work and i didn't want to. But, I wanted money, so I got over it so quickly! On the way home, I was one train station away from mine and had to change trains. This is the norm, so there was no problem there. However, it started to rain very lightly. Ok, no worries. I have my umbrella. I'll be fine. At my station, I start walking home... I get 30metres before I try to close my bag, and by now it is raining quite heavily. My bag wont close. I try to close it for about a minute, completely uncoordinated and my umbrella all over the place. It REALLY pissed me off. I threw my umbrella on the ground in disgust, and it did that 'inside out' thing they tend to do. I closed my bag, picked up my umbrella to turn it the right way around... and then the f*cking thing broke.

No worries... I'll call dad. Didn't answer his mobile...or the home phone...or his work phone. I was frustrated, and called all numbers about 20 tnmes. So, I walk up to the bus stop... throw my umbrella (which is now in three pieces, thanks to my horrendous mood) into the bin, looking at it angrily, whilst surrounded by plenty of people (peak hour)...and I go to check the us timetable. BUT... I HAVE NO SPARE CHANGE! Excellent.

I walked home in the rain. Cold, wet, angry, scowling at any and every car that drove past nice and slowly as I tried to cross the road. There was much swearing under my breath (at the situation ) and some comments directed at people "Why don't you pick up your f*cking phone!" and "Take your frikkin tiiime" along with a hand gesture to the car taking 5 seconds too long to turn a corner. OMG. So, I got home. Slammed the doors. Walked to the kitchen, threw my bag on the ground.... as well as my work jacket. I forgot... my jacket had my mobile in the pocket. Now, I am missing a few pieces of my mobile and am annoyed at THAT as well! I'm okj about it all now... but earlier I was like... Sanguinetti on the court. My iPod survived... my umbrella did not, and my phone is in a critical condition. The only thing that saved me today was tennis.

*Sharapova doing a Kournikova shoot... with her "Woo!!" and "I won't be doing this too often in my career" type comment.
*Arthurs: "LOL McEnroe is 47... maybe if he was 27 it would be different.". Arthurs goes on to lose the match.
*USA: "Hewitt amongst top ten most hated sportsmen". I should give Americans more credit. I just wish they would do this poll over HERE! Those results would intrigue me and I would have to give a vote to a couple of tennis players, a golfer, and maybe a cricketer or two.

I also kind of wish the media would lay off Lleyton. I mean, I quite enjoy that they expose the assholishness side of his life, but I am sick of hearing about him and his soapie star*** wife. Can't we continue with the Aussie DC love a little while longer? I don't care if his ankle is or isn't really hurt. Just enjoy the peace and quiet eh.

***one-time (ex) soapie actress.
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