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I've come to the conclusion that only a handful of people actually LIVE life, there are plenty of people that go through the everyday motions; engaging themselves in a daily routine and getting "lost in the draw", so to speak. Feeling positive about your life and your potential is the first step to success, you must understand your mind, body and soul in-order to accomplish feats that you even thought were impossible at one point in time. I've started meditation again and even pilates, at one point I was into the Yoga thing, but that was just a bit too extreme for me. Meditation makes me feel so much more content and complete within myself, it's something that I don't think that I could live without or in other words a necessity. I feel optimistic about the possibilities and opportunities that face me right now, being a Law student and having a loving family surrounding me. I'm wealthy in 2 ways, most importantly, in family and happiness, then financially.

Anyway, my day was:
Shopping! Saks 5th Avenue. Ha.
Long Island!
That's about it and I really enjoyed it, oh, also, saw a special on the history channel about the Kennedy Curse, followed by a documentary on the so-called "conspiracy" (it was more of an anti-conspiracy theory type of deal) that stimulated my interest for a bit, I looked at their family and I saw a lot of myself. I don't think it was so much a curse that hindered their family, but a general careless attitude. Life is at times, too easy of a process and thus you take things forgranted that you really shouldn't.

Anyway, being positive, physically attractive and mentally competent I'm satisfied with myself once and for all.
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