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Ohmygoshwow, it's been forever since i last updated this thing. Normally i have a problem with exaggerating but this time i'm not far off the truth (who doesn't think 5 months equals forever?! EXACTLY!!)

So yeah, since i hadn't even visited this place in a while, i decided to read back on my old blog entries and it was a little trippy. I've never kept a diary before, so it was the closest thing i've ever done of the sort. Just revisiting things that i've lived through was really strange! :lol:

For those who care (and i assume you do since you're still reading 3rd paragraph in) my life is looking pretty okay right about now. I finished college, got into uni which i'm starting in October and yeah, got another month of summer vaca left. Not bad at all :cool:

The only thing that is lame is that some of my friends are leaving London for uni, so they'll only be around for like one weekend every month or even rarer than that. Not cool, man! I've been spending lots of time with them so going from one extreme to another is going to feel pretty strange, but hopefully we'll stay in touch so it will be okay.

I might be moving out in the new year!!! I'll keep you all updated on that one :D

That's all for now, my lovelies

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee :kiss:
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