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Yeah, so...every time I clicked in the blog system was down, and I stopped clicking for a while.

Federer aka Ninja won his tenth slam without dropping a set. :banana: That is to say, he won it without dropping a set, not that it's his tenth time doing so. ;) Haas is blogging this week and being fairly entertaining, perhaps unintentionally at times. And last, but definitely not least, Safin has been on campus this week, and I got to see him Wednesday evening--and took some fuzzy purple pictures due to 1) the darkness 2) my cheap camera (with the flash turned off, no less) 3) the fact that I didn't get as close as I could. Was supposed to see him practicing with Verdasco yesterday, but :rain: :fiery:...God (who must be a woman) started drooling, as the joke from the USO goes, when every time he went out to play it started to rain.

Ramble ramble ramble.

I want Marat to come back after Vegas and before Indian Wells--which I won't be going to :sad:--and bring his coach with him. :angel:
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