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Which is the masters and grand slams you like most?
Rank those by the following criteria:
-Television camera placement
-Court speed (how fast do you like tennis matches)
-Court bounce (how do YOU like)
-Rank them by last tournament matches (example: AO 14 not AO 13 or 12 the bouncing height has been lower in '14 than in '12)

Dont rank by these:
-The usual quality of tennis there (if it has to do with the criterias mentioned above tthen yes)
-Based on television, because lot of people (like me) havent seen all of that live, nor grass matches live.

Here is a help, for the camera placement and catch up if dont remember:
Australian Open highlights video:
Indian Wells 2014 hot shots video:
Miami 2014 hot shots video:
Monte Carlo top 5 hot shots video:
Madrid 2014 final video:
Rome 2014 hot shots video:
Roland Garros final highlights video:
Wimbledon 2013 final highlights video:
Rogers Cup 2013 final highlights video:
Cincinnati 2013 hot shots video:
US Open 2013 final highlights video:
Shanghai 2013 final highlights video:
Paris 2013 QF highlights video:
World Tour Finals 2013 final highlights video:

Australian Open: I like the camera placement, could be a little bit lower. This year they showed sometimes from another camera, close to the ground, I hated that, really annoying because you cant see the opposite player properly. The speed is fine there, I liked the bounce there this year.

Indian Wells: Camera is too high for me, that is the first thing I would change in most tournaments. The speed is too slow, I would speed it up to be like more AO, and the bouncing is looking stupid through the tv, although Im not sure it is because of the court not the camera angle.

Miami: Camera placement is one of the best, I would make an ATP rule about this if I could :D. I think its a little bit faster than IW but slower than AO.

Monte-Carlo: Terrible camera placement because the spectators podium is in the way. Would speed it up a little bit, but it is okay for a clay court.

Madrid: It is slightly better than MC because of the camera, and speed.

Rome: Best camera angle there, I enjoy watching it.

Roland Garros: At Rome levels, on court conditions, worse camera placement.

Wimbledon: I would found a way to slower the bounce for the second week, speed it up a little bit, but mostly is okay. I am staisfied with the camera placement one of the most enjoyable tournament.

Rogers Cup: The camera needs to be much much lower, looks weird watching i from the sky. I like the speed here, enjoyable

Cincinnati: Camera is better than Rogers Cup, and the speed is faster, I like it more, definetly above Rogers Cup

US Open: camera is high, but behind the court enough to enjoy the matches, I like the speed here one of the best conditions on the tour.

Shanghai: Above all, if we just watch the conditions, I think this is one of the best court on the tour.

Paris: Terrible, because the camera is so high the court is looking too shot, the balls look like slow, I cant enjoy this tournament that much, needs to be changed.

WTF: Better than Paris, but I dont like to watch the indoors that much, bad camera placement, looking slow.

1. Shanghai
2. US Open
3. Wimbledon
4. Australian Open
5. Cinciniatti
6. Rome
7. Rogers Cup
8. Roland Garros
9. World Tour Finals
10. Miami
11. Madrid
13. Monte Carlo
14. Paris

It is slightly worse for clay, honestly I like hardcourt and grass more if I watch it on television. Watching clay tennis live however seems to be better than on TV, more enjoyable. I havent seen HC/grass matches live yet so I am not making comparisions about that.

Do you agree with my reasons? Is camera (angle, height and etc) as important for you as for me? Whats your list?
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