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OK, I am glad that the blogs are finally back up! Hurray, hurray!!! And not a moment too soon....

Some random thoughts from me to begin the month of December.....

OK, don't get mad at me, but white girls....please don't step. Now, some white girls can step their asses off when the situation demands it, but a gaggle of 'em at one time stepping? Erm, this is tragic beyond earthquake proportions, believe me. When I saw approximately 50 girls onstage performing what they called a "step show", I was appalled and insulted.

Apparently, they had just graduated from remedial step-ology part 1, the first class. Couple that with the Ridgemont High cheerleader thing, and you have a mess on your hands. At that moment, the quality of step shows performed in the past-and probably well into the future-was compromised severely. What someone failed to inform them was that the half-a piece of step they executed on stage did not qualify their set to be a "step show." The fact-or my opinion-that they thought they looked good made matters worse. After they "yea teamed" their way through the rest of the routine, they exited stage left to much applause. Now, to someone like me who belongs to an African-American Greek-lettered organization, this is slightly insulting. Might I have suggested that they review step show tapes before trotting themselves out before their peers to perform what they call a "step show?" Yeees.....most certainly. Moving on....

I attended a probate show last week. Probate show? Think "School Daze"; think "Drumline"; or, if you cannot conjure up any images in your mind about these movies, then think "A Different World". A probate, as it's most widely called, is a "coming out" for the neophytes of an organization. These "probates" rival Homecoming and Coronation in their popularity and familiarity with students. At the university, to not have your members "probate" is almost like refusing to introduce your intended to your family-especially when you have become engaged and are requesting your parents' blessing. I couldn't think of another analogy to adequately explain this, but I hope you understand anyhow. When I was going to school, a probate show was neither required nor expected. If you did one, OK; if you didn't, OK. No one was insulted because of it.

Oh, and tech guy is at it again. Seems like he still hasn't gotten a clue-and probably won't get one anytime soon. The same student I was working with just months earlier, reappeared from the dead as it were. Tech guy asks me if the guy's paperwork is OK. Quite naturally it wasn't, and I said so. I was not going to accept incorrect paperwork-especially when the young man petitioned our office for a professional judgment and was refused one. Just because his mother refuses to help him with cost of attendance doesn't obligate me or my colleagues to circumvent policies and grant him a favorable judgment.

Before he was told that, the tech guy "reassured" him that our office could do something. What regulation book has this guy been reading? Has he been reading? The time he was granted to attend conferences to get training, was time spent taking "vacations" and visiting frat brothers. And he has the nerve to lend his "expertise" to the students. No wonder students are confused! They get one thing from him, then when they talk to us, they get another. Could you blame them? No.

The director has asked him countless times to stop seeing students, but does he? No. She pointed that out to him in his recent review. The conversation between them was interesting. She'd try to get a word in edgewise, and he'd come with some "clever" verbiage to head her off at the pass. It was funny but not funny. His fast-talking ways have caught up with him, and knowing this, he talks even faster. He even used the excuse that he was a black man as a reason that the receptionist doesn't like him. By that logic, my former advisor in the education department should chuck his white secretary and hire a black woman. However, that's neither convenient nor expedient. the point is this: it's not a color issue. Truth is, I don't like him either-and I'm a black woman. So, his logic is severely flawed. In short, tech guy needs to seriously get over himself and get a life.

Lastly...thankfully, I'm leaving the university. My mother and I are not speaking because I have submitted my resignation. I talked to a friend about this, and she and I have come to the conclusion that our mothers do want the best for us, but our options are greater than theirs. While I understand that mom doesn't want me to go hungry or thirsty, I believe that everything will be OK. I have so much faith in what's going to happen; I am so convinced that I will be OK, that I'm not going to fear for anything. I hope my mother can find it within herself to get over this. I certainly have, and I promise I'm not going to lose sleep over the issue again. I have other concerns right now...the biggest one being how I'm going to finish this semester in one piece. Meanwhile, I study and work hard so that the last two weeks aren't such a burden on me. I certainly don't need my mom's BS to occupy my thoughts too.

In the meantime, I work hard, play hard, and keep contemplating-and navigating-the world I live in....until next time, stay tuned....

This weekend's agenda: See The Nutcracker ; finish unit plan, paper, final exam, and journal entries.
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