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The grocery a madhouse sometimes-which is why I chose to go at 8pm instead of 6pm. At least I can get some shopping done without small children running me over while chasing each other around a buggy or an errant buggy slamming into mine while I'm picking up a can of chicken noodle soup or a box of cereal. In all seriousness, I shopped well. I discovered, along the way, that I still can't stand bread (some awful "side effect" of a medication I used to made me abhor bread with a passion), and I really need to steer clear of Little Debbie's, and I really didn't need pancakes mix or syrup. I stuck and stayed with fruits, vegetables, and water for the most part.

A certain co-worker.....finally, he gets his comeuppance. Schadenfreude? No, he was due. As much as the rest of the office documented and documented some more his total disrespect of us and the established policies, we thought he'd just get a slap on the wrist. Not this time. His inability or unwillingness to perform his own job has finally caught up with him. It amuses me to hear how he tries to outtalk the boss, and it amuses me even more to hear how she shoots his attempts down every single time. I'm going to sit perched in my spot to see what happens in the coming months with this person. I say it's high time he gets the heck out of our office.

And school....I like all three of my classes this semester thus far. The reading is fantastic and the class discussion are lively and spirited. In fact, as I type this, I cannot wait to get to adolescent literature class to discuss the book we just read! I am pleasantly surprised at how steadily I'm coming out of my reading doldrums. This class, along with British Literature, is helping me to rediscover new-or old-reading material from which to draw inspiration.

My grandmother.....she's stressed out. :confused: Now, my grandmother is a retiree who has a lot of leisure time. She still travels, plays the piano, drives, and worries about her kids-and her youngest sister, whose drama queen antics have us all going nuts! She worries especially about her daughter, my aunt.... aunt. I went to visit with her yesterday afternoon. She's in great spirits, despite being diagnosed with cancer and having to undergo chemo and radiation. She even wants to see Paula Deen at Rupp Arena!

And me....please let me make it through 2006 in one piece!
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