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Basic Information
Full Name - Dantino M. Palazzo
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Heterosexual
Single? Yes
If Yes, Are You Currently Interested In Someone ? Sure.
For How Long? Single for almost a year.
Birthdate 11-8-79
Age - 26
Age You Act - 30
Age You Wish You Were - 25
Height - 6'2 1/2
Weight - 161lbs
Eye Colour - Blue
Hair Colour - Dirty Blonde naturally, Black at the moment
Lefty/Righty/Ambidextrous - Ambidextrous
Living Arrangement - Upper Eastside Manhattan 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Loft.
Do You Have Any Siblings? Yes
If So What Are Their Names? Talia, Mona
Have Any Pets? Yes
What Is Your Job? NYU Law & help out at Father's Law Firm
Piercings? Yeah ...
Tattoos? Italian Flag on back and Scorpio on my oblique.
Obsessions? Yes
If So What Are They? Shopping and working out
Addictions? Yes
If So What Are They? Addicted to lollipops and gum.
Do You Speak Another Language? Yes
If So What Language? Italian, Milanese Dialetto & Venet or Venetian Dialetto
Do You Have A Favourite Quote? Anything you can do, I can do better
Do You Have A Webpage? No.
About Your Life - I'm just a guy with a care free attitude.
Do You Live In The Moment? 30% of the time.
Do You Consider Yourself Tolerant Of Others? No, mainly because I don't have to be. That doesn't mean I don't play games with them or just beat around the bush to pretend that they matter to me. There are certain instances in life where brown nosing is a necessary evil.
Do You Have Any Secrets? Stupid question, who doesn't and no I won't share.
Do You Hate Your Handwriting? It's awful ... I'm embarassed of it.
Do You Have Any Bad Habits? Um, sometimes, I snap my gum.
What Is The Compliment You Get Most From People? I get compliments on my appearance, in general
What's Your Biggest Fear? Failure, just failure. A failure is the nastiest name you can be called.
Can You Sing? Nah, chill.
Do You Ever Pretend To Be Someone Else Just To Look Cool? No.
Are You A Loner? No, but I am picky about the types of people I associate myself with.
What Is Your Number One Priority In Life? Family
If You Were Another Person, Would You Be Friends With You? Probably not.
Are You A Daredevil? No
Is There Anything You Fear Or Hate About Yourself? No, I love myself. I love my legs, I love my hair, I love my eyes, I love my voice and I love my attitude.
Are You Passive, Aggressive, Or Both? Aggressive
Do You Have A Journal? Duh.
What Is Your Greatest Strength? My wits and intellect.
What Is Your Greatest Weakness? At times, my wits.
If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be? I wouldn't change anything.
Do You Think Life Has Been Good So Far? It's been excellent, there's nothing that I can complain of.
What Is The Most Important Lesson You've Learned From Life?
What Do You Like Most About Your Body? Abs and legs.
What Do You Like Most About Your Personality? My straight forward attitude.
Do You Think You Are Good Looking? I'm gorgeous, but looks aren't that important.
Are You Confident? Sure.
What Fictional Character Are You Most Like? Sebastian from Cruel Intentions
Are You Perceived Wrongly? Always, but I don't really care. If it were something that consumed me, I'd get no sleep. People think I'm an asshole always, maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Who and what are they ? Nothing, most of the time you are smart to simply look at the source.
Do You...
Smoke? No
Do Drugs? No
Read The Newspaper? Always. NY Times.
Talk To Strangers Who IM You? Ehh.
Take Walks In The Rain? Sometimes, especially if I've forgotten my medication.
Talk To People Even Though You Hate Them? Always, life is about conforming. If you can't work or operate in an environment of hostile proportions, you won't accomplish shit. Sensitivity is a weakness and bitching is an even bigger one.
Favorite Food: Anything Italian
Favorite Dessert: Cannoli
Favorite Movie: Cruel Intentions

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Good idea bro, I'm bored as hell, I guess I'll do one of these...

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I chew too much gum and I always swallow it. People tell me that this is icky, but I can't help it.
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