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Random things amuse me - I just find a lot of things really funny, I don't know why...

Item #1:
So Andy's site has introduced the brilliance of translating articles into other languages. Being the only listed foreign language that I can understand, I opted for the Chinese option and ok - despite claiming that the translation won't be 100% accurate, at least get Andy's name right in the article! Andy Roddick being translated as Andy Lau (huge celeb here in Asia) is just unacceptable. It's Andy Roddick's official website - getting the name right would be the most fundamental thing! I just find that very amusing - though, none of my other friends found that as funny as I did.

Item #2:
There's this article in the newspaper yesterday, that the former United goalkeeper, Fabien Barthez missed out receiving his medal (runners-up medal, just for the record) because of nature's call! Hahahaha... Funniest thing EVER, man... They can't wait till everyone's on the pitch to start the ceremony?! Was it because he's only receiving what's dubbed as the "loser's medal"?? Quite an insult, actually, but very very funny nonetheless...

Item #3:
The sole purpose of this blog - yes, you've guessed it - I need vCash :p
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