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Rafa's funniest!

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a thread for Rafa's funniest moments...

may it be qoutes,interviews,videos,bloopers,anything!!!

I want to see them all!
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Here's one nice commercial :

I don't know if anyone already posted this, if so, sry about this :wavey:

Btw, can someone translate what they're saying
^^ I love that!! :rolls:
This is jis video from The US Open Series. The second one is the bloopers. He has a few.
I am glad someone started this thread. Rafa has such a wonderful sense of humor, especially for someone so young.
Rafa is so cute and funny

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"Q: Rain, wind, lightning, thunder can anything stop you this year?
R.N. Maybe Djokovic or Baghdatis tomorrow"



Thx, josie, very nice interviews. :)
"on court, I am all over the place..........same with parking.":cool:
when he said "my body is perfect, no?" i wanted to die. it was like my dream, Rafa being very forward while seducing me :inlove:

i wish someone in the room replied, "yes it is!Physically speaking too, no? :devil:" when he was like, physically speaking. :inlove:

I also loved in AO when he was like "Australian siesta. In Spain it's typical and I never do!"....ah :inlove:
the nice interviews were indeed funny

but i'll still go with Rafa's La Bamba :D
^^^oh yeah! how could i forget la bamba.:worship:
Maria Sharapova is so affected in those clips. I mean get over yourself! :mad: :rolleyes:

Maybe that's her way, but still..
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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