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I am so sure that I'm not being oversensitive, that I aim to prove it.

First of all, color, personality/character, and level of education are not mutually exclusive. White people do not have the monopoly in education, and African-Americans do not have it in music or athletics. Believe it or not, there are educated Black people in America and everywhere else, and the supposed belief that African-Americans don't value education is plain wrong.

In the community that I grew up in, education was important. The community elders, who themselves had a limited education, stressed to us the empowerment that education provided. They would always ask us how school went, and one older man used to check our report cards when they came out. He would offer either some money for good marks or a stern lecture for bad ones....and no one wanted a stern lecture from this man.

Although a few of us fell by the wayside, others of us who have chosen to take our education seriously have earned college degrees and have become productive members of our communities. So I don't understand why the more upstanding, honest, intelligent, productive African-Americans are overlooked, and the gangster types are highlighted, even glorified, to the detriment of all involved. This is a total shame....

Couldn't agree with you more. I think it just says more about the media than society as a whole. And of course who makes the most noise :shrug: Just keep up the good work;) BTW a new name for you! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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