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What an exciting day for the finish rockband lover like me!
Today i learnt that my second favourite finish band (Negative) will release a new album on 11th of september (Anorectic) then make some gigs un Europe and i will finally be able to see them live for the 1rst time!!! :bounce: In Bale, Switzerland, in november.
I just have received the first single, which is called "planet of the sun" and i'm so excited! i didn't dare listen to it yet! :lol: I have no worry if it will please to me or not, i love this band and i'm sure the song is great.. but it's good to wait ;)
My only problem is i have no friends who like this band so i will go to the gig alone maybe... i don't care, i can't miss them, it will be maybe the only one opportunity for me to see them live outside germany (too much hysterical girls) so... :angel:

Now i wait for the USO to start, i'm happy that Gaston will play only on tuesday so i could have a peaceful monday, enjoying tennis in my tv without being crazy! :lol:
and I'm happy to know where my Hugo is.. Germany ;)
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