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Warning: Trivial topic ahead. Of personal interest to me, not necessarily of any use to you, and not intended as such.

Tell me something...

See, I think I've discovered something I've been doing subconsciously, without really realizing it. When I'm confident that such and such is going to win their match, bet on them, and they end up losing, I think that's made me more inclined to bet against the person I backed on another occasion, just out of a burning desire to see them lose again...due to "costing" me that initial bet I placed on them to win.

Like with Hanescu yesterday. In the Sopot tournament, I backed him to beat Monsieur Monfils, totally writing off the Frenchman. Hanescu gets his ass handed to him. While Hanescu obviously didn't "owe" me anything, I guess I selfishly never really "forgave" him for that, and it probably PARTLY influenced me backing Horna over him yesterday.

Have any of you ever found yourselves doing this, and thinking afterwards that the first loss may have had something to do with your decision, right at the back of your mind?
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