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Andrea Gaudenzi (Ita-1)
Marc López (Esp)

Sergio Roitman (Arg)
Juan Pablo Guzmán (Arg)

Lucas Arnold (Arg-WC)
Andrés Dellatorre (Arg)

Oscar Serrano (Esp)
Rubén Ramírez-Hidalgo (Esp-7)

Nicolas Coutelot (Fra-2)
Juan Giner (Esp)

JuanAntonio Marín (Crc)
Gastón Etlis (Arg)

Carlos Berlocq (Arg)
Leonardo Olguín (Arg)

Marcos Daniel (Bra)
Iván Miranda (Per-8)

Giorgio Galimberti (Ita-3)
Gorka Fraile (Esp)

Filippo Volandri (Ita)
Federico Browne (Arg)

Juan Mónaco (Arg-WC)
Marcelo Charpentier (Arg)

Didac Pérez (Esp)
Alex Bogomolov Jr. (USA-6)

Markus Hipfl (Aut-4)
Eric Prodon (Fra)

Luciano Vitullo (Arg)
Julio Silva (Bra)

Diego Moyano (Arg)
Mariano Delfino (Arg)

Brian Dabul (Arg-WC)
Francisco Clavet (Esp-5)

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Good luck to Juan Antonio, Ivan, Federico, Alex, and BRIAN!!!

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I was there

Saturday I saw Etlis 3-1 vs. Marin but it started to rain very hard and it lasted all Saturday.
On Sunday I saw Charpentier (we missed him) always with his hair pinted green, blue, many colours vs a "pale-face" called Bogolov or soomething. Left handed "Chapu" made many mistakes but the russian made more mistakes and he lost in 3 sets.

After that I went to the main court to see where was my seat for the following day and..... when I entered there I get a surprise!!!!
Guga was training whith Mariano Zabaleta. I took some pictures of guga.
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