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this morning was a pretty quick at work, there wasn't a truck & not much stuff sold so we didn't have much to stock, i was pretty much done at 9am (unlike yesterday when i got done at 3pm :eek: for referance we should be done at 12:30pm). I'm taking the last of my trash to the compactor wondering if they are going to boot us out of make us put up clearance (which is the day peoples job).

i get done tossing my trash when James comes over and asks me how many hours i am schedule for this week.

28 hours (never mind that i will have more then that lol)

did you want some more?

duh. :lol: of course i do

he starts on this monologue on what a hard worker i am & what a good job i do which while it is nice to hear it, it is also embarassing. I'm one of those people who always looks people in the eyes but boy did i have problems keeping eye contact when he was going on like that *blushes* He gets done and tells me that he wants me to start working with planogram* some. He made it sound like that on days like today when we don't have much to do that i would just get yanked and sent to do planogram stuff.

today the overnight planogram girls were just putting furniture out that had already been set** so James sent me to Tracy and was going to have him show me how to do an endcap. Tracy was busy doing something else so since i had shown that i could put clearance stuff out and make it look nice so i got to rearrange the sled aisle to try to get all the ones that were in backstock out. it took a bit or rearranging but i did get them all out.

went on break then and spent my break coloring :lol: when Markus 1st walked he started teasing me and then said he hadn't colored since he was 2 :rolleyes: then the ass goes and grabs some crayons and starts coloring! men :rolleyes:

i get done coloring with Markus and go find Tracy. Setting an endcap was interesting. Some of it was confusing but i think some of that was due to Tracy having to run off and do other things while he was trying to explain it to me. At the beginning he had to leave, i looked at the sheet of paper that showed where the hooks were suppose to go, it wasn't that ahrd to figure out so i just did it :p When Tracy came back he just looked suprised, then asked me if i counted (the holes in the pegboard) to see where it went or if i just guessed and then we went on. but when James bought the product out that we were pulling out he starts gushing about how i managed to figure it out all by myself. *blushes again*

'yeah this one is pretty quick', James grins

'i think i need to start worring about her stealing me job', Tracy comments.

i grin, 'it isn't your job i'm after,' then i look at James and :aplot: he just laughs and grins back.

so anyway Tracy left to go on break and i finished most of the endcap before i had to go. I did have a short convo with Sarah who is one of the planogram girls and she made it clear the they do want me on the planogram team 'cause you are tall... oh and cause you actually work unlike a few of the other overnight flowteam*** members'

so anyway i go to leave and James is in the breakroom so we talk for a few minutes about planogram, how much i figured out and Tracy lol Tracy just talks a mile a minute and it is hard to catch it all. we had another convo and something that annoys the hell out of me when we unload the truck but it doesn't look like James is going to give in :( then i left.

hopefully i'll have a chance to sit and talk to markus about all of this in a few hours. He is handy to have around since he has been with the store for 3 years he knows what is going on. I'm not sure if i am being sent to planogram or if James just wants me to learn it for a while and then move on to other things. I'm not sure if planogram is a promotion or just something differant like cashier-ing would be, still a bottom-of-the-barrel job or if this is a step up. and if it is a step up, is this a spot where i will et stuck at or is it a bouncing up position. there are certain jobs that while the are the bottom jobs they show off your skills (or lack of them) better and you can be promoted easier. I'd rather set on flowteam for another 6 months then get stuck in a spot where i can't get promoted.

I did talk to Chris before i left, when i told him that James was starting to steal me for planogram he swore 'why do they always have to steal my best workers?!' he was happy for me but mad at the same time. I felt bad for him, they always yank the good people away from him and replace them with crap. i haven't even hit my 90 days and they are taking me away already. most people stay longer then that. Lindsay has been here 9 or so months and they are just promoting here and she does know what she is doing. there are some that have been here even longer and still work flowteam.

lots of questions, hopefully Markus can answer a few of them but the biggest ones will probably have to wait another 2 weeks :eek: in 2 weeks i hit my 90 days milestone, which means i'm no longer on probation, my job is permanant, i can get benefits and i am eligible for a promotion. So if they are moving me to planogram (and it is actually a promotion) this will be when it happens. for now though, it is off to bed, there is a truck tonight so planogram will wait for another day.


*planogram = these are the people that set up how everything is placed. from what order the socks are hung in to what furniture sits at the end of the aisles. they also print out the tags for stuff, make signs and stock the items that they just set

**set is the act of putting an item out and tieing it into the system so that the price comes out right and the backroom knows if more needs to be put out. it also means that an item belongs to a certain spot in the aisle

***overnight flowteam = the official name for what i do :eek:

hope those make sense lol
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