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A lot of things on my mind these days... a lot of happiness is expected for the next 3 weeks :D

Tuesday 18th => Thursday 20Th of october:
Trip to paris to see The Rasmus gig on wednesday evening with my TR and Sushi familly... Gothic clothes, black make-up and 10 hours of queue :s but when you are with your friends it doesn't care.. TR familly: Eric, Helene and tomine, Sushi family: Ylöna, chris, Lyva, Gwen... and Scarlette, Lauriane and Intohimo :) miss you guys! :hug:

Saturday 21st => Thursday 27th of october:
Lyon tournament, qualify rounds with my best friend Eric then Auxane will join me for monday to wednesday, Therese for the tuesday :)
Partys each night, tennis each day.. isn't it paradise? maybe player party too.. it seems that it wil happen, i will know that soon :)

Monday 31st => Wednesday 2nd of november:
Bercy TMS on Tuesday and monday to be sure to see Gaston :lol: pizza with LOVELY :smooch: ;) Tuesday with Therese and meeting with Julie i hope...

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