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First of all thank you to my boyfriend Feli who makes me write a new entry here as he lost once again and made me lose v-cash again! how many time will i have to tell to myself to stop believing on him?! (at least not betting on him cause i can't stop believing in a player i love of course)

problem of the day:
My boss wants me to move to another desk next to mine for waiting our real move next week.. how can i move my files, computer, ... without any free space on the other desk??? and how could i move the 2 big cupboards full of files i need to have with me in my new office downstairs?!!! :help:

questions of the day:
Question n°1: Am i really come back from Kitzbuhel?
My body is in my office, but my mind is still stuck on Gaston... i didn't have time to rest yet, my pics are still in my camera, i didn't look at them and my suitcase is not completely empty yet! I still feel, live and breath tennis... my mind is full of fresh air of the mountains and tennis pictures. I miss everybody (but not Franco! :p )
I can't wait to be in Lyon... which is a very bad memory from last year, but this year will be different.. because of the people of course and my state of mind i hope. Lovely will be there :) maybe Billie too, i hope so.. my house is open ;)

Question n°2: Is there people who likes to be trampled by other people?
I guess yes... i just wondered that thinking about what i saw on MSN yesterday... The same people who likes to be dominated, scared to be on the light ...always n°2... How could one be friend with someone who needs to be the center of the attention or else he/she becomes jealous and angry? it must be hard...

That's all for today, too much stupid questions made me tired! :lol:

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:hug:sorryabout feli
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