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Last thursday, discovered a new tv serie on French tv, it's Prison Break. In France, we are already late, one year late, because the episodes have to be subtitled I think. We had 3 episodes and I liked it a lot. The story seems to be very interesting and the actors play very well. Can't wait to see the next episodes.

Yesterday, Carlos won against Paulo. Was very happy :banana: I came back very fast from my work cause I knew that there was a chance to see the match on Eurosport. For once, I was at home in 20 minutes in the evening :lol: Carlos played great, served very well. I hope he'll continue his way at the US OPEN. He has 30 but he's not finished !! Gonzo also won, but will face Murray :sad: Good luck to him :bounce:

The good news is that I have my week for the MS Paris Bercy :banana: So happy :)

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