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Preview of Hewitt's toilet paper ad

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Well, Channel 7 showed some preview of that ad. It's something like this:

Hewitt is having a toilet break(or something like that, of course in the toilet), but he wouldn't come out( either because the toilet paper is not 'Sorben' or because there isn't toilet paper at all, I guess). Then a woman in the audience(doesn't look like Kim) throws a whole pack of 'Sorben' toilet paper to the ballkids, and the ballkids pass the toilet paper like they pass balls. At last, Hewitt comes back court, waving a roll of toilet paper.:D

Can't remember if it's 'Sorben', but that's the general idea.:angel:
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It does not matter. Nobody wipes dirty potatos even if they learn to use the toilet :D
Yeha its sorbent and the lady who through's him the toilet paper is hes mum! :D:D
what a shitty idea...;) ;)
why is he reffered to a toilet. fill me in, not a big hewitt fan
It's funny though :D Naldo he's not referred to a toilet. It's just an ad that's using a big name celebrity to get audience attention.
Cherilyn and Lleyton recently filmed a commercial for toilet paper. It's one she considers apt considering his treatment by the media.

"What disappoints me most is when stories are made up by the media," she said. "The media have given him so much crap over the years that he actually needs a bit of toilet paper."

Now that is a top-class answer. There may be a Hewitt sense of humour after all:p
oh ok. but is this ad relatively new coz peopel have been calling him toilet boy for a pretty long timenow?????
Yes the ad is new only starting this week, but I'm not aware of him been labelled a "toilet boy" :eek: Really?
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