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Prediction: Klizan will be a Top 10 player by end of 2015.

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Exciting and beautiful game. His career has been plagued by injuries. IMO, He has the talent to get to Top 8 (at least). I think we are ready to witness Klizan's show and 2015 will be the year when he will finally breakthrough . :cool:
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Top 30 is what's he's capable of. IMO.
Agreed. Klizan is a very exciting talent and with common boosters he can be there in no time.
I don't know about that necessarily, though he does have a lot of talent. There was also a reason he was able to challenge Nadal a few times this year, due to the fact he is a fellow lefty and has a big forehand so Nadal couldn't bully him as much with the cross court FH. Anyways, only time will tell if he can show what he's really made of. He's already 25 so he's not getting any younger.
Not the worst prediction I have ever heard. Top 10 could a reach though.
Bold but not unreasonable prediction. His best chance is to save up some money so he can buy Botnic's random draw generator.
I don't think this is ever gonna happen unfortunately.

There are very solid guys inside the top 10 atm and a vast group of very solid guys eager to get back in it.

I don't see enough HC and grass potential for Martin to get anywhere close to those guys in big point tournaments.

You have the current top 20 all worth such spot + guys like Gasquet, Almagro, Dolgopolov, Thiem, Janowicz with potential getting back there, Del Potro trying a return... i don't see hoow on earth Klizan is gonna fight most of these guys off and take their place.

If he gets to top 20 end of this season i'd be ecstatic, as i do like the guy a lot. But he has the same chances to end up 2015 in top 10 as Verdasco f.e., hence close to zero imo.
No chance. He is a good ballstriker but his only real weapon is the forehand. Plus he got a questionable mindset.
He said it himself that Top 10 is his target in 2015, and I think he has it in himself. Matter is, if he can find it.
That would be great, but it's very unlikely.
His strokes take too much prep time, he can be rushed into all sorts of crass errors. He looks great when dominating and the ball comes back to him with time for him to set up but he wont get that kind of ball much.
that would truly be a disaster if that happened. i mean, i know there have been some pretty poor top 10's in this era but that would be a new low if that happened
He has the talent, but he is not strong mentally enough to do it..
All I have to say is LOL, you mean you want him to be top 10 by the end of 2015.
He is not consistent. I do not think we will see guys as Federer,Djokovic soon. They both are the most consistent guys on tour. Nadal is a part time player.
top 20 should be his target this year than top 10 in 2016
I think he can do top 20, top 10 in a year is a reach
Sorry. I don´t think so. Like others here stated, maybe Top20 this year and with some hard work and luck maybe Top10 in 2016. But still...

Novak Djokovic isn´t going anywhere.
Roger Federer may steal the top spot for a few weeks but probably slip to 3rd.
Rafael Nadal will hang around or climb a notch or 2.
Stan Wawrinka will have alot of work to stay Top4 but i think he may slip.
Kei Nishikori will maintain his spot and if given the chance will climb.
Any Murray will look to climb back to his former spots.
Thomas Berdych sadly will slip a bit.
Milos Raonic will maintain Top10 status.
Marin Cilic will hover arount Top10-Top15
David Ferrer had a good run. But this will be the last year he will stay at Top10.

Then there are Dimitrov, Kevin Anderson, Tsonga and Gulbis and others that had injuries last year.

Too bad Del Potro isn´t back yet. So Klizan has his work cut out for him.
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Nowhere near consistent enough to reach top 10, it won't happen.
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