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lzhaol said:
but i don't think i won
how can i be so dumb to predict that Paradorn is going to win his first round match :banghead:

but beware! :devil: i will be back :angel:
Predictin Paradorn to win a match on clay? :cuckoo: :lol: :p

It's a pity you didnt win, at least it was my Brazilian buddy :cool:

And I'll be back as well, hopefully not missing the final again :smash: :p

virex said:
olhei pros seu jogadores favoritos
so tem os brasileiros :D
vamo torcer pra eu ganhar :D
Certo ;)
Parabéns pelo título! :worship: :p

NATAS81 said:
Hantuchov, nice flag!!
Thanx! :kiss: :angel:
101 - 104 of 104 Posts